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Adobe ID and DRM

  • What is DRM?

    DRM stands for "Digital Rights Management". DRM technology can be added to ebooks to control some of the book's features, such as downloading, transfer onto an e-reading device, and the lending period.

    DRM was designed to protect digital files against copyright infringement, such as unauthorized copying or distribution. The DRM technology integrated with Parkland Regional Library's ebooks also ensures that the book is returned automatically when the lending period ends.

  • Are all the ebooks on Parkland Regional Library DRM-protected?

    Yes. They all use Adobe's DRM.

  • What's an Adobe ID?

    An Adobe ID is a free account that allows you to open DRM-protected books and read them on multiple devices, provided that each device is authorized with the same Adobe ID.

  • Do I really need to create an Adobe ID?

    Yes. All apps and devices must be authorized with an Adobe ID before you can read ebooks borrowed from Parkland Regional Library.

    To know more about creating your Adobe ID, refer to the Startup Guide for your device.

  • I forgot my Adobe ID or my password. How can I get it back?

    Your Adobe ID is the email address you provided when you signed up. Try going to the sign-in page and logging in with your primary email address or one of your alternate email addresses.
    You can also try to reset your password. If you see the error message "The Adobe ID and/or password provided does not appear to be valid", you can try another one of your email addresses until you find the right one.

  • Can I remove the Adobe ID authorization from one of my apps or devices?

    You can read our article on how to unauthorize an app or a device.

  • Can I use the same Adobe ID with multiple devices or applications?

    You can authorize up to 6 devices or applications with the same Adobe ID.

  • I reached the maximum of allowed authorizations with my Adobe ID. How can I reset my authorizations?

    To reset your authorizations, you must contact Adobe's Customer Care. Please note that this reset will deauthorize all devices and applications authorized with your Adobe ID.

  • Can I download the same book on my tablet and my e-reader?

    Yes, as long as both devices are authorized with the same Adobe ID.

  • Can I remove the DRM from a book?

    No. In most countries, including in Canada and the United States, it is illegal to circumvent or remove DRM technology from a file.

  • Can I convert a DRM-protected book into another format?

    No. Converting the file requires circumventing DRM technology, which is illegal in most countries, including Canada and the United States.