The Demon Left Behind

s the global crisis develops in the Twenty-First Century, a group of special “demon” researchers are sent from a parallel universe to embody themselves as humans and study the situation. However, in the midst of the operation, Wye-Wye, the youngest member of their team, is lost.

As she and her comrades do everything demonly possible to find him, Melusine, the team lead, is forced to do the unthinkable—employ the assistance of a “visie” (demon slang for human)—freelance journalist Paige Ballantyne.

Paige, however, gives Melusine much more to consider than just the mystery at hand as she becomes intrigued by the benefits of a “visie” life.

Together, the team must race the clock to find and bring back Wye-Wye before he can no longer regenerate. In an all-out cross-continent search, the team turns up much more than they bargained for in this urban fantasy mystery adventure.