Hell Can Wait

After 1800 years of waiting, Maternus’ Judgement Day is here...

For 18 centuries after his death, Maternus has waited for the bureaucracy of Hell to find his records. Now, in a bid to claim his soul, an angel and a demon argue over the fate of the Roman soldier.

The decision is made to bring the warrior back to life, not in Ancient Rome, but in modern day Colorado. There he must complete three seemingly impossible challenges laid out before him, under the ever watchful eyes of the celestial duo.

Without a sword and shield to protect him, the soldier must rely on his wits coupled with a bit of divine inspiration (found in the strangest places) as he faces unfamiliar customs in this strange new life. Fortunately, the warrior is blessed with a weapon he did not have in his previous life — the ability to read!

With books in hand, the ancient Roman soldier begins his quest for a second chance!