The Hounds of Ash and other tales of Fool Wolf


The Hounds of Ash and other tales of Fool Wolf

Thrust into periless action by his father’s spirit and his village’s shaman, Fool Wolf, perhaps the laziest of heros in his father’s eyes, must face his battles, or face the wrath of his ancestors.

In this collection of short stories by Greg Keyes, Fool Wolf is thrown into the mercy of the gods of whom he worships and loaths. He is forced to defend himself against the destiny that he is to fulfill.

The mysteries of his ancestors is brought to light as Fool Wolf traverses the vast empire of his people’s land in search of answers, both surprising and expected. He must face his gods and goddesses and they use his body as a vessel to due their biddings.

Fool Wolf’s tale is one of extraordinary feats that allows him to overcome his dark and secretive past that plays a toll on what is to come.

Stories in this collection:

“The Fallen God”
“The Hounds of Ash”
“The Opal of Nah”
“The Python King’s Treasure”
“The Skin Witch”
“The Sleeping Tide”
“Wakes the Narrow Forest”