The Triforium

After Wallace Butterfield’s father's death, 'Butterfield and Son Architects' becomes, for all intents and purposes, 'Son — Newly Graduated — Without a Clue — Architect — Maybe'!

With his inheritance sold to get the architectural business on its feet, Butterfield eagerly desires to add a major architectural project to his curriculum vitae. (Critics describe his previous project, le Mareschal’s Supermarket, a large unimpressive glass and chrome rectangle — though some shoppers have told Butterfield that they appreciate the large inventory of groceries and home products…)

When Butterfield gets a call from the Reverend Poda-Pirudi, chairman of the Westminster Abbey Foundation, he overlooks the fact that the Reverend can only meet with him in the middle of the night — in an office located in the dark and cluttered attic of the Abbey itself.

Butterfield thinks he's finally moving up in the world.

However, the interred ghosts of Westminster Abbey haven’t yet weighed in; and a local group of WITCHes (Women In Therapeutic Chemical Healing — who aren’t above kidnapping) have also taken a special interest in the architect.

To top everything off, invitations to join the party were also sent to Edward the Confessor, Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, and Aleister Crowley!