Deep Powder and Steep Rock


Deep Powder and Steep Rock

Hans Gmoser (1932–2006) was the most influential mountaineer in Canada of the last fifty years. Through innovation, hard work, perseverance and an appetite for adventure, Gmoser evolved from penniless immigrant to mountain guide for kings, queens and prime ministers. He also played a major role in creating what is now western Canada’s dynamic mountain adventure community.

Known primarily as the inventor of heli-skiing and the founder of Canadian Mountain Holidays (CMH), Gmoser also garnered recognition as a talented rock climber, tireless expedition leader, successful mountain guide, renowned filmmaker, community organizer and vibrant businessman.

Told from all aspects of his fascinating life and including some of Gmoser’s own words, Chic Scott weaves together a compelling story based on the diaries, expedition journals, film commentaries and personal correspondence of this charismatic and inspiring figure.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Deep Powder and Steep Rock 1
Contents 5
Prologue 7
Part One: Hard Years in Austria 11
Part Two: A Mountain Guide in Canada 65
Part Three: The Great Communicator 139
Part Four: Heli-skiing Takes Off 235
Part Five: Elder Statesman 311
Notes 340
Family Tree 343
Sources 344
Photo Credits 345
Brief Bibliography 346
Acknowledgements 348
Index 349