The Earth Manifesto

Provocative, passionate and populist, RMB Manifestos are short and concise non-fiction books of literary, critical, and cultural studies.

We live in critical times. Choices we make daily now will affect the future of life itself. Years from now children will study our era on the brink and ask their elders “When the planet was burning, what did you do?”

Problems as big as the world are daunting, but solutions are at hand, within each of us. The Earth Manifesto: Saving Nature with Engaged Ecology offers an approach to regain control of our environmental destiny by rediscovering our affinity for nature and then acting to preserve it.

Rooted in common sense, the author’s “Six Laws of Engaged Ecology” move us from theory, in concepts such as interdependence and the wilderness found in our minds, to practice with explanations of ground-truthing and creating a community through shared environmental principles.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
The Earth Manifesto 1
Contents 5
Introduction 7
Part One: Three Big Ideas 17
Nature Is Here 19
Wilderness Is Within 37
Cities Are Alive 53
Part Two: Three Big Steps 71
The Earth Is Our Witness 73
We Have the Right to Clean Air, Pure Water, Healthy Soil 93
Engaged Ecology Creates a Community 107
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