Winter in Fireland

After tough assignments as a Canadian diplomat abroad, Nicholas Coghlan and his wife Jenny unwind by sailing Bosun Bird, a 27foot sailboat, from Cape Town, South Africa, across the South Atlantic and into the stormy winter waters around Tierra del Fuego, South America. Coghlan recounts earlier adventures in Patagonia when, taking time off from his job as a schoolteacher in Buenos Aires in the late 1970s, he and Jenny explored the region of southern Argentina and Chile over three successive summers. This time, as they negotiate the labyrinth of channels and inlets around snow-covered Fireland, he reflects on voyages of past explorers: Magellan, Cook, Darwin, and others. Sailing enthusiasts and readers of true adventures will want to add Coghlan's world-wise narrative to their libraries.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Front Cover 1
Title Page 4
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Dedication 6
Contents 8
List of Maps 9
Prologue 10
1 Far Away and Long Ago 16
2 Fitting Out 62
3 Rolling Down to Rio 94
4 Three Fronts, a Pampero, and a Zonda 128
5 Bright and Fierce and Fickle is the South 168
6 Winter in Fireland 200
7 More Anxieties and Hardships 232
8 In the Wake of the Dresden 260
9 To the Gulf of Sorrows 294
10 Wizards, Witches, and Ghost Ships 322
11 Under the Wide and Starry Sky 350
Epilogue 368
Select Bibliography 372
Index 378
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