In the News, 2nd edition

Are you or your organization going to be in the news? Do you want to be in the media spotlight and do you know how to deal with it? In the News provides an introduction to media relations in Canada, from a practical and philosophical approach. Grounded in the latest research on how to work with media, it explains current media practices and demonstrates how to take a proactive, planned approach to dealing with media. First published in 2002 to wide acclaim from media and academia alike, the second edition is revised and updated containing two new chapters that outline emerging trends in media relations as well as connecting larger issues in media to its role in modern society.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Front Cover 1
Title Page 4
Copyright 5
Dedication 6
Contents 8
Preface 12
Acknowledgements 14
A Note on Resources 16
Introduction 18
I Theory and Principles on Media Relations 24
1 Why Media, Why News 26
2 Basic Principles of Media Relations 42
3 Professional Relations 54
4 Basics of Media: Who They Are 66
5 Basics of Media: How They Work 84
II The Practice of Media Relations 98
6 Getting Started: A Media Plan 100
7 The First Steps: Research, Goals and Training 110
8 Approaching the Media: Media Drivers and the News Release 126
9 Other Approaches to the Media 142
10 Do-It-Yourself Media 158
11 The Interview 172
12 The Interview Continued: Questions and Answers 190
13 Evaluation and Revision 208
14 Special Media, Special Cases 216
15 The Fine Art of Complaining About the Media 230
III Towards a Greater Understanding of Madia 236
16 Emerging Trends in Media and Media Relations 238
17 Towards a Greater Understanding of Media, Communicationsand Technology 248
Further Reading 254
Notes 258
Bibliography 274
Index 280