Aboriginal Populations

Social, Demographic, and Epidemiological Perspectives


Aboriginal Populations

Experts from around the world review and extend the research on Aboriginal Peoples in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the circumpolar North, mapping recent changes in their demography, health, and sociology and comparing their conditions with that of Aboriginal Peoples in other countries. Contributors point to policies and research needed to meet the challenges Aboriginal Peoples are likely to face in the 21st century. This substantial volume will prove indispensable and timely to researchers, policy analysts, students, and teachers of social demography and Native Studies. Contributors: Chris Andersen, Nicholas Biddle, Michael J. Chandler, Stewart Clatworthy, Senada Delic, James Frideres, Gustave J. Goldmann, Eric Guimond, Malcolm King, Brenda Kobayashi, Tahu H. Kukutai, Ron F. Laliberté, Roger C.A. Maaka, Mary Jane Norris, Evelyn J. Peters, Andrey N. Petrov, Ian Pool, Sarah Prout, Norbert Robitaille, Anatole Romaniuk, Sacha Senécal, C. Matthew Snipp, John Taylor, Frank Trovato, Ravi B.P. Verma, Cora J. Voyageur, Paul C. Whitehead, Mandy L.M. Yap, T. Kue Young.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Front Cover 1
Title page 4
Copyright 5
Contents 6
Preface 10
Acknowledgements 12
Introduction | Trovato & Romaniuk 14
Part I: Demographic Perspectives 38
1 Canada's Aboriginal Population | Romaniuk 40
2 Counting Aboriginal People in Canada | Goldmann & Delic 98
3 Population Projections for the Aboriginal Population in Canada | Verma 118
4 Another Look at Definitions and Growth of Aboriginal Populations in Canada | Guimond, Robataille & Senécal 136
5 Aboriginal Mobility and Migration in Canada | Clatworthy & Norris 158
Part II: Epidemiological Perspectives 200
6 Alcoholism and Other Social Problems in Canadian Aboriginal Communities | Whitehead & Kobayashi 202
7 Cultural Continuity and the Social-Emotional Well-Being of First Nations Youth | Chandler 226
8 Adressing the Disparities in Aboriginal Health Through Social Determinants Research | King 236
9 North-North and North-South Health Disparities | Young 250
Part III: Sociological Perspectives 268
10 Death and the Family | Trovato 270
11 Ethnic or Categorical Mobility? Challenging Conventional Demographic Explanations of Métis Population Growth | Anderson 302
12 "I'm Sweating with Cree Culture not Saulteaux Culture" | Peters, Maaka & Laliberté 324
13 Continuity or Disappearance | Frideres 342
14 The Eagle Has Landed | Voyageur 364
Part IV: International Perspectives 388
15 American Indian Education | Snipp 390
16 Interrogating the Image of the "Wandering Nomad" | Prout 420
17 Closes which Gap? Demographic and Geographic Dilemmas for Indigenous Policy in Australia | Biddle, Taylor & Yap 454
18 From Common Colonization to Internal Segmentation | Kukutai & Pool 480
19 Indigenous Minorities and Post-Socialist Transition | Petrov 508
Appendix A 538
Contributors 546
Index 554
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