Winner of the 2014 Book of the Year Award from the Petroleum History Society!

The importance of energy to the functioning of any economy has meant that energy industries are amongst the most regulated of industries. What might appear to be purely private decisions are made within a complex and evolving web of government regulations.

Petropolitics: Petroleum Development, Markets and Regulations, Alberta as an Illustrative History provides an economic history of the petroleum industry in Alberta as well as a detailed analysis of the operation of the markets for Alberta oil and natural gas, and the main governmental regulations (apart from environmental regulations) faced by the industry. The tools used within this study are applicable to oil and gas industries throughout the world.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Cover 1
Series Page 3
Full Title Page 4
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Dedication 6
Table of Contents 8
List of Tables 14
List of Figures and Maps 16
Acknowlegments 18
Units and Abbreviations 20
Part One: Overview 22
1: Petroleum and the Petroleum Industry:What Are They? 24
2: An Overview of the Alberta Petroleum Industry 40
3: Alberta and World Petroleum Markets 56
4: Economic Analysis and Petroleum Production 74
Part Two: Overview 102
5: Alberta’s Conventional Oil Resources 104
6: Crude Oil Output and Pricing 124
7: Non-Conventional Oil: Oil Sands and Heavy Oil 162
8: The Supply of Alberta Crude Oil 192
Part Three: Overview 242
9: Government Regulation: Trade and Price Controls 244
10: Government Controls on the Petroleum Industry:Oil Prorationing 290
11: Economic Rent and Fiscal Regimes 310
Part Four: Overview 370
12: The Alberta Natural Gas Industry: Pricing,Markets, and Government Regulations 372
13: The Petroleum Industry and the Alberta Economy 428
14: Lessons from the Alberta Experience 472
Notes and References 484
Index 500
Back Cover 514