Violence in Argentine Literature and Film (1989-2005)


Violence in Argentine Literature and Film (1989-2005)

Why has violence been a predominant topic in contemporary Argentine film and literature? What conclusions can be drawn from the dissemination of violent images and narratives that depict violence in Argentina? In Argentina, the problem of violence is rooted in the country's long experience with authoritarian rule as well as in more recent trends such as the weakening of the state and the rule of law brought about by neoliberal reforms. The eleven essays that make up Violence in Argentine Literature and Film (1989-2005) seek to interpret and analyze the extent to which violence communicates structural inequalities or lines of fissure in contemporary Argentina resulting from the transformations that the state, the economy, and society in general have experienced during the past two decades.

Applying a variety of critical approaches, the contributors explore violence in Argentine cultural productions as it relates to four broad themes: the body as site of physical violence, the legacies of Argentina's authoritarian past, the collapse of the myth of the Argentine nation, and the current battles over how to define particular "social and geographical places" in the context of an increasingly violent society.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Introduction 12
Torture and Abuse asa National Art Form:Gustavo Nielsen’s Auschwitz 38
Subjection and Injuryin El vuelo de la reinaby Tomás Eloy Martínez 58
Desire and Violencein Ana María Shua’sLa muerte como efecto secundario 82
Violence and Representation: Postdictatorship Visions in Lita Stantic and Albertina Carri 102
Barbaric Spectacles: Masculinities in Crisis in Popular Argentine Cinema of the 1990s 128
Far from Heaven: On El cielito, by María Victoria Menis 146
An Argentine Context:Civilization and Barbarismin El aura and El custodio 160
Postnational Boundaries in Bolivia 180
Contesting Spaces,Contesting Discoursesin Bolivia, by Adrián Caetano 198
The Violence of the Site 218
Projecting Buenos AiresBack to the Future:Violence in ArgentinePost-DictatorshipScience Fiction Film 238
List of Contributors 256
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