Surviving in the Hour of Darkness


Surviving in the Hour of Darkness

Surviving in the Hour of Darkness:The Health and Wellness of Women of Colour and Indigenous Women addresses the health issues - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual - of black women, First Nations women, and other women of colour. The book is a collection of scholarly essays, case studies, personal essays, poetry, and prose written by over 45 contributors. It illustrates, through the voices of many women, that gender, religious, cultural, and class background strongly influence how one experiences illness, how and when one is diagnosed, and how one is treated within the healthcare system. The book also focuses on the need for cultural sensitivity and inclusiveness in the delivery of health services.

Surviving in the Hour of Darkness :The Health and Wellness of Women of Colour and Indigenous Women aims to promote and generate knowledge with and about minority women while identifying key strategies for promoting their health, thus contributing to a broader understanding of how the experience of being a minority woman affects one's health and well-being.

With Contributions By:
Byllye Y. Avery
Dr. Wanda Thomas Bernard
Dr. Ana Bodnar
Shirley Brozzo
Nora Burrell
Bishakha Chowdhury
Charmaine Crawford
Karen Flynn
Randa Hammadieh
Layla Hassan
Troy Hunter
Rolanda C. Kane
Rosamond S. King
Heather MacLeod
Kristine Maitland
Marisa Marharaj
Notisha Massaquoi
Naomi North
Sima Qadeer
Talata Reeves
Carla R. Ribeiro
Ingrid Rivera
Anakana Schofield
Beldan Sezen
Farah M. Shroff
Neeta Singh
Lorraine Thomas
Roxane Tracey
Wendy Vincent
Vera M. Wabegijig
Ingrid Waldron
Pitche Wasayananung
Crystal E. Wilkinson
Gitane Williams
Judith K. Witherow
Valerie Wood

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Surviving in the Hour of Darkness 1
Contents 8
Acknowledgments 12
Foreword 14
Preface 16
Introduction 20
Perspectives on Health in the Diaspora: Understanding the Challenges 24
Nurses in Resistance 26
African Canadian Women Resisting Oppression: Embodying Emancipated Consciousness through Holistic Self–Healing Approaches to Mental Health 36
Think Globally Act Appropriately: A Community Health Centres Response to Violence Against Women in the Context of Black Women and Women of Color 56
Black Women's Health in Nova Scotia: One Woman's Story 70
Misogyny and Mental Illness 94
All Colours of the Rainbow: Recently-Arrived Immigrant Women of Colour and HIV/AIDS in Canada 124
A Model of Women Services in the HIV Epidemic 132
Her-Story: Living with Illness 146
Healing Warrior Marks: Battling Stress, Taking Care 148
A Better Woman Because of It 156
Endo Poems 160
Help, I' ve Fallen, and No One Has Even Noticed 166
Secrets, Generations 178
Fairy Tales and Bedtime Stories 182
Bone Doctor, Token of Chastity 186
Four Forces, Windows, Freeing the Inner Child 194
Wolf Cry, Erect in Green Pride 198
Anjali, untitled 200
The Struggle of One and Many, Sad Paper 204
My Aunt Pasty 206
Neelum 218
Promised Land 222
Hands That Care 224
Enter the Lion's Den: A Journey to the Centre of My Uterus – One Black Woman's Story of Fibroids 226
Women's Health in Scary Hands 232
I Died in My Dreams 236
Oh My Aching Feet 240
ethnic ph.d, thin line 242
I Crawl into Earth 246
Untitled 250
Spake Ginty Spake, By Euston Station she sat down 252
My People Paid 264
The Circle of Life 268
My Room of Silence, Mother's Prayer, This Body of Mine 270
Gitane's Voice 274
Ode to Marie, Learning with the Women: My Travels in First Nations Country 276
When the Body Attacks: A Black Woman's Fight against Lupus 288
Talking about Our Health: In Our Hardship We Have to Learn to Be Strong 296
Notes on Contributors 324