International Agricultural Trade Disputes


International Agricultural Trade Disputes

Trade disputes between the United States, Canada, and Mexico surrounding agricultural products are widespread and show no signs of abating. As the United States increases agricultural imports while straining under a stagnant level of exports, there is growing tension between trading partners as evidenced by the significant increase in trade remedies being sought by competing countries.

International Agricultural Trade Disputes: Case Studies in North America analyzes trade disputes and relevant trade issues from 1995 to 2003. Using case studies to illustrate the complexity of trade disputes, this book examines many factors, such as United States farm policy, the role of politics, and the various trade remedy measures employed in resolving these disputes.

With Contributions By:
Flynn J. Adcock
Janaki R.R. Alavalapati
Mel Annand
Richard R. Barichello
Peter Berck
Colin A. Carter
W. Hartley Furtan
Carol Goodloe
Caroline Gunning-Trant
Cathy Jabara
Walter J. Keithly
Won W. Koo
Shiv Mehrotra
Charles B. Moss
Al Mussell
David Orden
Mechel S. Paggi
Warren Payne
Stephen J. Powell
Robert F. Romain
C. Parr Rosson, III
Andrew Schmitz
Troy G. Schmitz
James L. Seale, Jr.
Thomas Spreen
Ihn H. Uhm
Sal Versaggi
Michael Wohlgenant
Fumiko Yamazaki

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
International Agricultural Trade Disputes 1
Contents 6
Contributors 8
Acknowledgements 12
Foreword 14
Section I: Economic Considerations 18
1 NAFTA Trade Disputes and U.S. Agriculture 20
2 Trade Remedy Laws and NAFTA's Chapter 12 Agricultural Trade Rulings 30
3 The Potential Impacts of Mandatory Country-of-Origin Labelling on U.S. Agriculture 52
Section II: Legal Considerations 62
4 WTO and NAFTA Dispute Settlement for North American Agricultural Trade 64
5 Why Antidumping Law is Good for Agriculture 80
6 Welfare Implications of the Byrd Amendment 104
Section III: Trade Disputes—Case Studies (Canada and the United States) 116
7 The WTO Ruling on Canadian Dairy Exports 118
8 The WTO Case on Canadian Dairy Export Subsidies: Implications for Two-Tiered Pricing 130
9 Contested Trade in Logs and Lumber 138
10 Political Economy of the Canada-U.S. Softwood Lumber Trade Dispute 156
11 Two Cases of Tomatoes: Demonstrating the Need for Antidumping Reform 166
12 Asymmetric Canada-U.S. Bilateral Trade in Grains and Trade Remedy Actions 182
13 Canada-U.S. Beef Dumping and Countervailing Disputes 202
Section IV: Trade Disputes—Case Studies (The United States and Other Countries) 222
14 Mexico's Antidumping Regime against High Fructose Corn Syrup from the United States 224
15 The Shrimp Import Controversy 242
16 Fresh Garlic from the People's Republic of China and U.S. Trade Remedy Law 262
17 Summary 286
Index 294
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