Driftwood and the Necessary Forest

Hans Blekansit, estranged father of the young sorceress Driftwood Ellesmere and ruthless businessman, is aggressively logging the Stoltmann Wilderness Area. AsDriftwood and her friends fight to defend the land near Camp Magee, she is magically transported to Atlatopia, the planet of the Necessary Forest and eventual victim to the evilly efficient systems of the Poison Tree of Bureaucracy.

On this wild new world Driftwood encounters many entities including famed philosopher Sir ThomasMore, Morphaleafus the Dreaming Tree and an unlikely ghost from her past. Will these diverse beings be able to assist the adept magician at thwarting the PoisonTree’s ruthless grip that threatens to uproot the joy from this plant paradise?

The Driftwood Saga chronicles the magical quests of a young girl and her attempts to understand and solve various world problems including child labour, endangered species and the military industrial complex.