Cultural Mapping and the Digital Sphere


Cultural Mapping and the Digital Sphere

“Notwithstanding their differing approaches—digital, archival, historical, iterative, critical, creative, reflective—the essays gathered here articulate new ways of seeing, investigating, and apprehending literature and culture.” – From the Preface

This collection of essays enriches digital humanities research by examining various Canadian cultural works and the advances in technologies that facilitate these interdisciplinary collaborations. Fourteen essays—eleven in English and three in French—survey the helix of place and space. Contributors to Part I chart new archival and storytelling methodologies, while those in Part II venture forth to explore specific cultural and literary texts. Cultural Mapping and the Digital Sphere will serve as an indispensable road map for researchers and those interested in the digital humanities, women’s writing, and Canadian culture and literature.

Contributors: Jeffery Antoniuk, Susan Brown, Constance Crompton, Ravit H. David, Patricia Demers, Shawn DeSouza-Coelho, Cecily Devereux, Teresa M. Dobson, Sandra Gabriele, Isobel Grundy, Andrea Hasenbank, Paul Hjartarson, Kathleen Kellett, Sasha Kovacs, Vanessa Lent, Margaret Mackey, Breanna Mroczek, Bethany Nowviskie, Ruth Panofsky, Mariana Paredes-Olea, Harvey Quamen, Jennifer Roberts-Smith, Omar Rodriguez-Arenas, Mary-Jo Romaniuk, Stan Ruecker, Lori Saint-Martin, Michelle Schwartz, Stéfan Sinclair, Mireille Mai Truong, Stéphanie Walsh Matthews, Heather Zwicker.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Front cover 1
Title page 4
Copyright page 5
Contents 6
Foreword | Susan Brown & Mary-Jo Romaniuk 8
Preface | Ruth Panofsky & Kathleen Kellett 12
Part 1: Place and the Digital Frontier 18
1 Mapping Tags and Tagging Maps | Brown, Grundy, Paredes-Olea, Antoniuk & Mroczek 20
2 Modelling Collaboration in Digital Humanities Scholarship | Hjartarson, Quamen, Hasenbank, Lent & EMIC UA 42
3 An Interactive, Materialist-Semiotic Archive | Kovacs, Roberts-Smith, Dobson, Gabriele, Roderiguez-Arenas, Ruecker, Sinclair & DeSouza-Coelho 68
4 “Talk to the Work” | David 106
5 How to Play with Maps | Nowviskie 124
6 Edmonton Pipelines | Zwicker 146
7 Representing Canadian Queer Authorship | Schwartz & Crompton 158
Part 2: Writers and Readers 174
8 Salomania | Devereaux 176
9 Toronto the Good in the Fiction and Life of Grace Irwin | Demers 198
10 « Where are You From? » | Kellett 214
11 Languages as Spaces, Translation as Play | Saint-Martin 232
12 L’espace ensorcelé | Matthews 248
13 Lieu humain / lieu personnechez deux écrivaines canado-vietnamiennes, thuong vuong-riddick et kim thúy | Truong 266
14 Standing on a Rainbow | Mackey 280
Contributors 296
Index (English) 306
Index (French) 324
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