Exploring the Math and Art Connection


Exploring the Math and Art Connection

Daniel Jarvis and Irene Naested highlight the natural association between math and art in a series of practical ideas for the classroom, because when students understand the math/art connection, their understanding and confidence increase in both subjects.

Through innovative teaching strategies and more than 100 rich learning experiences, Jarvis and Naested give teachers a wealth of engaging tools to explore the math/art connection with their own students. This connection is established through examinations of natural and human-designed objects, from how pine cone scales spiral out in a Fibonacci sequence to how geometric shapes combine in architecture to form some of the most beautiful structures on the planet.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Exploring the Math and Art Connection 1
Acknowledgements 6
Table of Contents 8
1 - Mathematics and Visual Arts Education 10
2 - Understanding the Language of Mathematics and Visual Arts 37
3 - Mathematics and Art in Flora and Landscapes 56
4 - Mathematics and Art in Fauna of the Land, Sea, and Skies 98
5 - Mathematics and Art in the Human Figure 124
6 - Mathematics and Art in the Designed Environment 197
7 - Mathematics and Art in Designed Objects 235
8 - Making Connections 268
Summary 284
References 285
Appendix A 291
Appendix B 297
Appendix C 304
Appendix D 310
Appendix E 319
Index of Learning Experiences 325
Image Credits 329
About the Authors 337