Bugaboo Dreams

Take the snowiest mountains in Canada, add two Austrian immigrants, an army of adrenaline-addicted skiers (kings, queens, billionaires, average people and everyday ski bums) and throw a helicopter into the mix for an unforgettable story of mountain adventure.

The tale begins when two childhood friends-Hans Gmoser and Leo Grillmair-leave postwar Austria and travel to Canada in search of adventure. They stumble upon employment taking skiers across the vast glaciers and through the thick forests of Western Canada. When skiers start asking the immigrant mountaineers if it would be possible to use a helicopter to reach the best high-altitude powder, the two find themselves catapulted into a project brimming with more adventure, success, tragedy and fame than they could have dreamed.

Complete with archival and contemporary photos, this is the inside story of the people, thrills, accidents and innovations behind the evolution of a sport from a dangerous, ramshackle and lawless enterprise into a multi-million dollar industry offering reliable access to one of the world's most exciting forms of recreation.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Bugaboo Dreams 1
Contents 8
Preface 10
Acknowledgements 14
1: It’s All Leo’s Fault 18
2: Bugaboo Magic 38
3: Rapture of the Deep 56
4: Full Circle 78
5: By Trial and Air 98
6: The White Dragon 116
7: The First Track 136
8: A Slice of Life 204
9: Base Camp 222
10: Power to Spare 248
11: Eyes in the Forest 264
12: A Ski Tour with Hans 284
Bibliography 295
Photography 296