The Home Place

"He wants to sit and visit at the kitchen table, and he can hardly wait to get on the road again." —From Chapter 1

Robert Kroetsch, one of Canada's most important writers, was a fierce regionalist with a porous yet resilient sense of "home." Although his criticism and fiction have received extensive attention, his poetry remains underexplored. This exuberantly polyvocal text, insightfully written by dennis cooley—who knew Kroetsch and worked with him for decades—seeks to correct that imbalance. The Home Place offers a dazzling, playful, and intellectually complex conversation drawing together personal recollections, Kroetsch's archival materials, and the international body of Kroetsch scholarship. For literary scholars and anyone who appreciates Canadian literature, The Home Place will represent the standard critical evaluation of Kroetsch's poetry for years to come.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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1 Getting There 14
2 Or So It Has Been Alleged 62
3 Hearing Voices 100
4 What It Was 164
5 It’s a Lover’s Question 212
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