Garden Pests & Diseases in Canada

Your garden is full of creepy-crawlies—some good, some bad, and nearly all ugly. Whether you decide to wage war or peacefully co-exist, Rob Sproule has the
expert information and advice on how to identify and manage the most common pests and diseases to threaten Canadian gardens:
• 58 accounts covering the specifics of each pest, disease,
beneficial creature, weed and environmental stress
• interesting facts and information on life cycles and the
origins of non-native pests
• identification of each pest and its damage
• various control options, with an emphasis on organic
• preventive measures to avoid the most damaging pests
and diseases
• tips for attracting beneficial insects and other desirable
creatures to your garden
• protecting your garden from pesky critters including
mice and voles
• how to get your garden through our extreme Canadian
weather relatively unscathed.
Containing helpful colour photos and illustrations throughout, this book is a must-have for Canadian gardeners who want to maintain a healthy, beautiful garden.