Frontier Farewell

The 1870s and the End of the Old West


Frontier Farewell

The return of a classic, with a new introduction by Candace Savage.

Frontier Farewell has been deemed "gracefully written" and "fully and meticulously researched," by Sharon Butala, while Canadian History Magazine called it "a great read that shatters the mythology surrounding the 'taming' of the West." A book every history buff should own, Frontier Farewell "ends with the disastrous bloodletting--the gruesome unwinding of a two-hudred year experiment," states Prairies North magazine.

"Frontier Farewell offers new perspectives on everything from the transfer of Rupert's Land to Canada, the Manitoba Resistance of 1869-70, and the Numbered Treaties of the 1870s, to the surveys of the Canadian Prairies, the coming of the North-West Mounted Police, and the fallout from the Battle of the Little Big Horn...You just might want to buy two copies--one for yourself, and one for a friend." -Ted Binnema, Department of History, University of Northern British Columbia

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
cover 1
Title Page 4
Copyright page 5
Contents 8
Foreword to the 2014 Edition 10
Foreword to the 2007 Edition 12
Preface 14
Acknowledgments 20
A Note on Terminology 22
Between the Rivers 28
The “Medicine Line” 42
The Era of Expansion 52
Confederation Comes West 66
The Crisis in Red River 86
The Birth of Manitoba 92
Twin Scourges: Smallpox and War 104
The Métis 130
The Battle of the Grand Coteau 150
The End of the Red River Hunt 160
“So Long as the Sun Shines” 172
The Boundary Survey 212
By Section, Township and Range 230
The North-West Mounted Police 236
The Buffalo 276
The Road to Little Big Horn 308
The Events of 1876–77 326
Canada Versus the United States 366
Fire and Starvation 398
Surrender 430
1881: The End of the Old West 446
Epilogue: After Events 462
Endnotes 476
Bibliography 510
Chronology 524
Index 530
About the Author 556
About the Type 558