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  • The Comedian

    The Comedian

    Titus Maccius Plautus' career is on the decline. Once renound for bringing Greek comedies to the Roman world, now he struggles to stage a single play. Unlucky with money and unlucky in love, Plautu...

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  • Dazzle Patterns

    Dazzle Patterns

    Halifax, 1917. Clare Holmes, a flaw checker at the local glassworks, is saving up for passage to England, to work for the Red Cross and be near her fiancé, Leo, who is fighting in France. But one n...

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  • What is Going to Happen Next

    What is Going to Happen Next

    Karen Hofmann’s empathetic and cathartic novel, What is Going to Happen Next, pieces together the lives of five members of the Lund family following their enforced dispersal after the death of the ...

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  • To Me You Seem Giant

    To Me You Seem Giant

    It’s 1994 and Pete Curtis can’t wait to get out of Thunder Bay, Ontario. Already, he’s playing drums in a band whose songs belong on mix-tapes everywhere. Even though his new girlfriend seems under...

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