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  • Ranching Women in Southern Alberta

    Ranching Women in Southern Alberta

    Once dominated by large cattle operations covering thousands of acres, Alberta in the 1880s-1930s saw a shift as small, family-owned ranches began to dot the province's southern plains. While this ...

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  • Spirit Builders

    Spirit Builders

    The inspiring story of how one organization has tried to alleviate the struggles faced by First Nations peoples in Canada by building houses and developing livable communities for those in desperat...

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  • An Ethnohistorian in Rupert’s Land

    An Ethnohistorian in Rupert’s Land

    In 1670, the ancient homeland of the Cree and Ojibwe people of Hudson Bay became known to the English entrepreneurs of the Hudson’s Bay Company as Rupert’s Land, after the founder and absentee land...

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  • The Elbow

    The Elbow

    Experience Calgary's history through the story of its "other" river. In this revised and updated edition, John Gilpin delivers the definitive history of the Elbow River and the vital role it has al...

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  • Trudeau’s Tango

    Trudeau’s Tango

    Trudeau appeared to enjoy the encounter. He stood his ground while escaping projectiles, including a tomato… In this insightful and lively history, Liberal insider Darryl Raymaker recalls the atte...

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