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  • Laugh Out Loud Farm Animals

    Laugh Out Loud Farm Animals

    Q: What type of horse goes out only at night? A: A night-mare! Q: What did the llama say when he was asked to take out the garbage? A: No prob-llama! Q: What do you call an ostrich at the North P...

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  • Night Skies of Canada

    Night Skies of Canada

    Super Explorers take you up into the stars to see the wonders of the night sky above: • For the best night sky watching, leave the city and go into the countryside or wilderness • Jupiter has 69 ...

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  • Planets


    Super Explorers take you deep into space to see the planets in our Solar System and beyond: • Our Solar System has 8 planets, 5 dwarf planets and many minor planets • Most planets have at least on...

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