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  • Fail Safe

    Fail Safe

    Sense and sensuality. Body and embodiment. Fail Safe links human senses to the fecund world, examining plant and human bodies on the inside and the outside. Linguistically flourishing, sonically de...

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  • A Wake in the Undertow

    A Wake in the Undertow

    A Wake in the Undertow contains poems from the imaginations of Rich Theroux and Jess Szabo, the creative spirits behind Calgary’s Rumble House Gallery. Illustrated with drawings that emerge from “a...

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  • The Bosun Chair

    The Bosun Chair

    Part family memoir, part poetry, part love letter to Newfoundland and its people, The Bosun Chair is a lyrical exploration of how we are fortified by the places of our foremothers and forefathers a...

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